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Falcons Enter the Nest

Freshmen ease into high school life
Angie Edgar
Freshmen walk the halls of West after their first day of school.

The change from middle school to high school can be major, but the freshmen got the chance to ease in. After the upperclassmen left on the first day of school, the freshmen walked around the school with their third block teachers and watched an informational presentation about what to expect from West High School. One thing that stood out to the freshman was the difference in the size of the school. 

“The school is really big. I had to ask my teacher where to go for my class,” freshman Alyssa Diaz said.

For most students, finding their way around the West was difficult. With the long hallways only bringing confusion. 

“The hallways all look the same and it gets confusing so I get lost,” freshman Kaylee Korman said.

Even through the confusion, students see high school as a new opportunity and a step towards their future. Freshman Serenity Ross is hopeful about the next four years. 

“I hope to make a lot of friends that I’m going to be able to see out of high school,” Ross said. 

Being in a school filled with new people gives students the opportunity to meet new people and create bonds.

 “I see new faces every day,” Ross said. 

Freshmen may be the youngest in the building, but that lets them look forward to the rest of their high school career. 

About the Contributor
Raegan Ware
Raegan Ware, Reporter
Raegan Ware is a junior at West High School, and it's her first year as a reporter for the Beak ‘N’ Eye. She is the starting catcher for the varsity softball team. Outside of school, Raegan loves to spend her time with her pets and play video games with her siblings. After graduating from West, she plans to pursue a PTD degree to become a physical therapist.