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Senior Spotlight: Angele Hill


Morgan Ware

Angele Hill ‘23 sits with her Chromebook. Hill applied to many colleges this year, none of which were in Iowa. “Obviously a lot of people here go to like UNI or Iowa…so, it was [scary],” Hill said.

Morgan Ware, Print Editor

The dreaded question of ‘what will I do after high school?’ looms high over the heads of many Falcons. As the 22-23 school year winds to a close, seniors are having to make serious decisions. If, where, when, and how to go to college are big questions with not many definitive answers. However, one student shows that a little bit of early research, and a lot of bravery can go a long way when making those plans. 

Senior Angele Hill started researching what college she wanted to go to early in her high school career, and decided on a top choice two years ago: Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. According to U.S. News and World Report, Fisk ranks in the top 14% of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This year, she applied and was accepted to Fisk. 

Hill made her decision on a variety of factors, but one of her main draws to the school was that it is a HBCU- a Historically Black College or University. 

“It’s an HBCU so it’s gonna teach me a lot about my culture,” Hill said. “I was researching HBCUs that were good for biology majors… And it popped up. It popped up for having good financial aid offers, and then I looked into it more.”

Hill’s boyfriend, senior Jonathon Bassett, recalls the moment she told him she was accepted. 

“She was in the car with me and we were, like, going to go do something…she was really excited to tell me,” Bassett said.

Sheila Kohrt, a Family/Consumer Science Teacher, had Hill for Child Development 1 and 2, and says Hill drops by her classroom often. 

“She’s very intelligent, hard working, diligent,” Kohrt said. “I think it’s great [she’s going to school there]…it’s what she wants. I hope she succeeds.”

Although it is a large step, Hill is looking forward to her future at the school. 

“Going eight hours away, 500 miles away, it’s…scary. But, I’m excited,” Hill said.