Donation for the Nation

Students talk about the importance of student hunger drive


Addison Aleksiejczyk

Karlee Krenz ‘23 informs students about the Hunger Drive and why it’s important to donate. Students were interested in the Hunger Drive events they could participate in.

Addison Aleksiejczyk, Reporter

Every year West High School partners up with the River Bend Food Bank to help promote the Student Hunger Drive. The Student Hunger Drive supports students in need for food. The Hunger Drive is a friendly competition between high schools in the Quad Cities including West to see who can donate the most non-perishable food items and money. Since COVID the River Bend Food Bank has been low in food which makes it needed even more than ever to support the Student Hunger Drive.

The River Bend Foodbank not only helps Scott county but all of the counties in Iowa and Illinois, 23 in total. There are many problems of hunger in our community one of them happens to be that 104,850 people are food insecure. This means that many people do not have enough food or money to live a healthy life-style. Did you know 1 out of 7 people in your class don’t have enough food at home? West High School has a food pantry called the “Falcon’s Nest”. The donations to the Student Hunger Drive help fill the Falcon’s Nest to help make sure no one’s food insecure here at West. 

“Student Senate organizes all of the logistics when it comes to the Student Hunger Drive. They communicate with all the feeder schools that participate, distribute boxes to the classrooms and schools, and plan and execute fundraising events,” Student Senate advisor Jessica Gascho said.

The Student Senate here at West plays a big role in the Student Hunger Drive. Not only do they encourage the staff and students at West to donate but they also have fun events to help raise donations to win the contest between the schools.

“It’s important because maybe some people can’t afford food and the homeless have a chance to get food if they don’t have any money to afford it,” junior Stoyota Nguyen said.

Donating to the Student Hunger Drive doesn’t take a lot for it to count; you could donate a can of beans or even expired things in your pantry.

 “Student Hunger Drive is very important because you have to feed some of the members of this community who don’t always get food every day. I’m in charge of the Leo club and we help collect food, and donate money to buy food to give to the food drives,” said Leo Club Advisor Stephanie Hansen.

Leo club happens to be one of the many clubs here at West that helps donate. The club helps students understand the importance of donating to the Student Hunger Drive.

“The events are a fun way to get all the students and staff involved! This Friday is Fill The Truck at Brady Street. This weekend the Student Senate is participating in Harvest The City, which gets the whole community- West Davenport, Bluegrass, Buffalo, and Walcott involved. In two weeks, we have our Volleyball tournament (Nov 3). We will also have events at lunch like bake sales, duct taping a falcon to the wall, and guess the CANdy.” Gascho said.

Having events to help raise donations for the Student Hunger Drive helps get students involved with the school.

Sophomore Malena Smigo said,  “The Student Hunger Drive events help get the word out that people can donate and support the kids in need.”