Where is Everyone?

Student sections lack school spirit


Sammie Wisely

Halee Clare ‘23, Dylan Waters ’23, Maverick Cale ’23, and Mckenzie Schertz’23,cheer on the Falcons. The student section was less populated than past Homecoming games.

Addison Aleksiejczyk, Reporter

Loud, spirited, and  supportive are what student sections are supposed to be. Student Sections are a key aspect of high school experiences. Whether it’s for volleyball, football, basketball …The West student body should always be there to cheer on our West athletes. 

Having big student sections increases the confidence of the team and overall support from the student body, no matter if they win or lose. The West student section sits based on seniority, meaning seniors in the front, freshmen in the back. They often have student section leaders that create theme nights for the games.

Themes and traditions contribute to the overall fan experience of a game. If  there are more students cheering and supporting each other, the more school spirited the student body becomes.

“We have themes at football games, we have events that students can go to, but it’s up to students to actually join and actually participate and get their friends to do the same,” student senate advisor Jessica Gascho said.

In the past, the West student sections used to be the biggest ones around. West was known for having loud amazing student sections. So far this year many people are realizing how quiet the West student section is. Seniors in the front try to make sure that the football team feels supported. Now it’s up to the next generation to keep spirits and make sure the West athletes feel supported.

“I blame that on underclassmen, and everyone who thinks it’s ‘- ‘embarrassing’ to cheer on the football team. The first three rows get really loud to try and make up for everyone else slacking,” student section leader Belle Spengler said.

This doesn’t just refer to the football games but also for volleyball and basketball. There are dedicated student sections that students may not know about because of lack of involvement at West.

“ I feel like a lot of people just don’t really understand the concept of school spirit and understand that we all need to support each other,” senior Alexandria Petersen said.

Joining the student sections can overall increase the way our West athletes play, but it all depends on the new incoming classes to keep that tradition happening.