Senior Spotlight: Christian Jacobsen


Tim O'Leary

“No one changes over just one year,” senior Christian Jacobsen said. “But over their four years at West High, they definitely could.”

The West High spirit of helping other Falcons fly demonstrates itself in senior Christian Jacobsen.

Jacobsen went to Williams Middle School, where he played football and made his way through each class. Though the Williams team was a powerhouse on the field, Jacobsen noticed the team was lacking in something.

“We didn’t have any connection at Williams,” Jacobsen said. “But we did have great athletes.”

Jacobsen’s classmate, senior James Allee followed up on this statement, showing a certain understanding of the situation of middle school football teams.

“No connections,” Allee said. “Just people that make plays.”

Connection is clearly something Jacobsen sees as part of the West High identity. He recounts his freshman experience fondly.

“My freshman year was fine, good even,” Jacobsen said. “I still remember getting my way through and getting to know more students.”

In particular Jacobsen has fond memories of his Spanish class with Stephanie Hansen.

“We did a lot of talking,” Jacobsen said. “But at the same time we did a lot of learning and working together in that class.”

Cooperation is a vital part of the West High way. But he unfortunately feels that sometimes those who need the help most don’t get it or are just ignored.

“There are kids that want or need more help, but don’t get it,” Jacobsen said. “Just because they talk or might be troublemakers doesn’t mean they don’t deserve assistance.”

Some teachers, such as Hansen, do their best to assist with this.

“Regardless of the kid I wouldn’t ignore them,” Hansen said. “It’s my job as a teacher to teach, and even if the other person isn’t holding up their end of the bargain I’m going to still do my job.”

Hansen does however admit that there are almost certainly teachers who do become frustrated with more active students and will begin to ignore that. Jacobsen feels that these children need the help to let them focus.

“No one changes over just one year,” Jacobsen said. “But over their four years at West High, they definitely could.”

Jacobsen has certainly had his life touched by his time at West, the mark of a Falcon always going with him, wherever he goes. Hopefully he will keep his head up high throughout all of it.

“I know he’s got goals,” Hansen said. “And I know he’ll do just fine in life.”