Moving On: Kelleen McFate


Hannah Andrews

Family consumer science teacher Kelleen McFate is moving on to Central to expand her knowledge on foods education beginning next school year.

Martin Morales, Reporter

Q: How long have you taught at West?

A: I have taught at West for three years.


Q: What is the length of your full teaching career?

A: 22 years.


Q: What will you miss about West?

A: The camaraderie. I love the students and I love the staff and the enthusiasm.

Q: Where are you transferring to?

A: I am going over to Central.


Q: Why?

A: To get more experience in the food program.


Q: What has been your most notable memory here?

A: The students who have to overcome really hard obstacles and continue to do their best when all odds are against them, I think that’s inspiration enough to come to work everyday.


Q: What have you learned from teaching at West?

A: To be invested and to do your best, no matter what.


Q: How will you use that at you next job?
A: To accept all levels of interest and to model investment in what you do.