Moving on: Amanda Loucks


Hannah Andrews

“I think one of my favorite memories at West is one of my first English classes of the school year. The kids came in and it started off pretty rough, but by the end of the term, I noticed the change and how much they had grown. I loved how into the things we were doing [they were] and actually enjoyed being there,” English teacher Amanda Loucks said.

“When I found out I had to move schools, it was really bittersweet. I was sad because I love my students and the kids here at West. I was a little bit relieved because I knew I had a job this coming school year. But overall, mostly sad,” Loucks said. 


“I’m definitely going to miss my students the most and seeing you guys everyday I come in. You guys are what brings me to work everyday and actually enjoy being here. Nothing will be the same at Wood. I know my students aren’t going to be the happiest about me moving,” Loucks said.