Love and astrology

Venus in the signs and what that means for love

Michael Davis, Features Editor

What is Venus?

In mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty.

In astrology, the Venus sign is associated with love, attraction, affection & what humans want. It represents the drive to relate to others, the expression of loving feelings, and what brings one pleasure. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘love sign’ because it reveals one’s approach to relationships, romance, and love.

The Venus sign in your chart is determined by which zodiac sign it falls under when you are born. It is possible that the Venus sign is the same as the sun sign, but a Venus sign will never be more than two signs away (in either direction) from the sun sign. For example, a Cancer’s Venus signs can only be of the following: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

What Does Your Venus Sign Say About You?

Venus in Aries (Aries Venus)

In short, these people are boisterous and expressive in their act of love and romanticism. They will set out to take what is theirs and be entirely fearless in the process. Arguing and senseless debates are foreplay, they seek out challenge and adventure.

Venus in Taurus (Taurus Venus)

These people are sensual and committed in their act of expressing love. They will take you on a journey through the senses, as they lavish you with home cooked meals and light candles that smell like cakes and spices. Extremely possessive of what is theirs.

Venus in Gemini (Gemini Venus)

These people seek out the intellectually stimulating and creative muse to their Picasso. Once they feel engaged and enticed by you, they will write novels in dedication to your beauty and wit. These people find beauty in their partner’s mind.

Venus in Cancer (Cancer Venus)

These people set out to find whatever you need to be of service to you, whether it is stitching holes in your ripped sweater or cleaning your home while you are at work. They want for you to seek solace in them, and be where you can go to relax.

Venus in Leo (Leo Venus)

In short, these people seek to stand on the highest mountain, for all to see, and hoist you up like the Lion King. They live to show you off and typically are drawn to people that they admire. They need a love made for the silver screen and will cast you as the star.

Venus in Virgo (Virgo Venus)

If they choose you, they think extremely highly of you. As they are immensely selective. They require a relationship to be as fruitful as a business transaction and need a power couple dynamic in order to flourish in love. They show love through their actions.

Venus in Libra (Libra Venus)

These are the people that will court you in style, bouquets, grand romantic gestures, as this placement is Libra’s home planet so love comes naturally for them. They will express their affection toward you by compromise and sacrifice, to meet your needs.

Venus in Scorpio (Scorpio Venus)

In short, these people are incredibly possessive in love, and will be extremely accommodative to your desires. As they are always willing to push past comfort limits and search for depth and meaning. They will show you love in the form of trust, which isn’t easy.

Venus in Sagittarius (Sagittarius Venus)

These people view love in the same way others may view an adrenaline rush, they seek exhilaration and will express their affection through showing you all of their favorite movies and places. They require a partner that is not looking to tame them.

Venus in Capricorn (Capricorn Venus)

In short, these people seek out a practical and potentially matrimonious love. They require a stable and reliable partner, as too much spontaneity and abruptness may make this person weary and overly cautious of you. They need a routine to feel happy and secure.

Venus in Aquarius (Aquarius Venus)

These people are drawn to others who seek a great need to deliver justice/bring liberation to their world. They need someone who is vehemently passionate and will show their love by supporting their partners in their debates and protests. Seeks spiritual awakening.

Venus in Pisces (Pisces Venus)

They seek a spiritual love, someone who brings them to their knee in worship for the affection Pisces feel for them. They seek a deep and meaningful bond that holds creative freedom and stimulation, while also carries the strongest stability/trust.


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