Yummy Fall Feelings

Michael Davis, Editor

Sugar, pumpkin spice, and everything nice- that is right, it is that time of the year again!

“Fall to me is pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice is the taste of magic and happiness and it comes in a cup at Starbucks. That’s what fall is. That’s where it’s at,” sophomore Reagan Honts exclaimed.

Ignoring the official change of the seasons on Sept. 22, three West High students both agree that the first day of school is the thing that symbolizes the arrival of Fall.

“Fall really starts when school starts because I feel like summer break is the end of summer,” junior Georgia Witt said.

For sophomore Ethan Gabriel, the changing of fall means an additional chore.

“When the leaves start falling, I have to do a lot more yard work,” Gabriel explained.

Fall means more serious business than summer entails, but it is not purely all work and no play, and school certainly isn’t a Debbie Downer, either.

“School is fun,” Gabriel said. “It’s nice to [be able to] meet back up with friends after being gone all summer [and] to participate in clubs and activities. I [plan on being] in the Robotics club, on the golf team, and [maybe] doing pit for the show choir.”

But what exactly is fall?

“Fall is sweater weather, the leaves changing, and just kind of preparing for winter, Halloween, bonfires, and nice things,” Witt declared. Autumn is about chill vibes and relaxation, easing the transition from an exciting summer into a serene winter.

Fall is a chance for reunion…

“Come Thanksgiving time, we [family] all go out to my Uncle John’s and we all play a turkey bowl, which is football. That’s a tradition we’ve always done. We just eat and that’s the only time of the year we get to spend with that side of the family,” Witt said. It is an opportunity to rekindle family (or other types of) relationships.

…Or a time for celebration.

“When I was little, I really liked trick-or-treating and now that I’m older, I like hanging out with friends and going to haunted houses , and you know- just having a good time,” Witt said.

“I like to paint pumpkins. I can’t carve [them though] because I have no artistic ability but painting them is really fun. I painted Mike Wazowski last year- you know the green little monster from Monster’s Inc? I think I’m going to make a west pumpkin this year,” Honts said.

Most importantly, fall is the season of fascinating tv shows- new and old.

“American Horror Story. It’s spooky and Halloween-ish in a way,” Witt said.

“I’m looking forward to The Walking Dead coming back,” Gabriel said.

At last, with their stomachs full from a Thanksgiving feast with their loved ones, it is unanimously decided that after the November holiday, fall has (un)officially ended.

“Fall [ends for me] when Thanksgiving gets over and when it starts to snow,” Gabriel said.

For Honts, snow on the ground signifies a time of dread.

“When there’s snow on the ground, that means that the nasty December is going to come. I don’t like December- it’s too cold,” Honts concluded.