New Year, New Me

West students talk about their New Year’s resolutions


Isabel Sinksen

“New Year’s resolutions are important because they push people out of their comfort zones, while forcing people to better themselves,” Sinksen said.

Alexandria Petersen, Web Editor

Exercising, being a nicer person, trying new things, these are just a few things students are planning on doing differently this year. New Year’s resolutions are an annual tradition that many people, including West students, participate in to try to become a better version of themselves. 

One of the most common goals set by people in the new year is focusing more on their fitness journey. Senior Isabel Sinksen is taking on the new year by continuing her lifting and health progress. Setting a goal for the new year can inspire people to try new things and make a change. Even the smallest change can set you up for a successful year.

“My New Year’s resolution is to focus on eating more, especially clean foods.

I would like to achieve this goal to aid my muscle growth,” Sinksen said.

Another popular goal that people like to start is paying more attention to their diet. Some cut specific things out and others choose a specific plan to follow. Senior Kelton Youngberg is planning on joining this trend of cutting out drinks that aren’t very healthy for him.

“My resolution is to stop drinking pop and energy drinks. I am going to reach this goal by starting off by only allowing myself one per week and then going down from there,” Youngberg said.

The past couple years have been full of challenges. Having a fresh start can help people move on and get out of a tough spot. According to Forbes, adding consistency into your routine can help boost your mental health. Some students take the new year as an opportunity to become a more kind and overall a better person. Sophomore Cailen Shadrick is taking the new year as a new start. 

“My resolution is to take more accountability for my decisions. I am going to work on thinking before speaking and better understanding the situation where I messed up,” Shadrick said.

Creating a resolution during the New Year can allow a person to reach any goal that they want to achieve. Whether starting off with a small goal, or reaching to your fullest potential, creating goals now will allow you to achieve anything you want.