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America’s new president is… Donald Trump

Andrew Lord, Editor

November 9

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Citizens of the United States voted and Donald Trump got the magic number of 270 electoral votes granting him the presidency. Before last night's election, we had a Democratic president. But now, not only are we going to have...

What are the PSATs?

Victoria Sheffey, Reporter

November 2

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PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT. It is offered once a year in October. Most students take them their sophomore and junior year. “They’re a good way to practice for the SATs and other important tests,” sophomore Alex Lee...

Horoscopes October 31 – November 6

Emma Day, Reporter

November 1

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Aquarius January 20 - February 18 Usually, you’re a positive person but for a while now you’ve been down in the dumps. Events in this week will put a smile on your face and revitalize your positive energy. If you can...

Horoscopes October 24-30

Emma Day, Reporter

October 25

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Aquarius January 20 - February 18 This is the week where all of your ideas will come in handy. You’re very creative and you are a great problem solver. There will be situations where people will definitely need that! You may ...

Bill Clinton visits Davenport

Alyssa Rodriguez, Reporter

October 19

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On Oct. 13. former President Bill Clinton visited Davenport North High School. Clinton was there to speak about his wife Hillary Clinton, and convince Iowans to vote for her in 2016 election. Though, people were not just from Iowa. Atte...

Horoscope October 17 – 23

Emma Day, Reporter

October 17

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Aquarius January 20 - February 18   While it might not be a big number, you do have a few dedicated friends that are always there for you. This week let them know how much you appreciate them by spending time with the...

Falcon Friends Bench Press Competition

Billie Jo Sherman, Reporter

October 14

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His veins are popping out of his arms. His body is shaking with sweat. He uses all his strength to raise the bar. SLAM! One rep for the second annual Falcon Friends Bench Press Competition! The competition is around the corne...

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