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Lego Batman: The spin off we need, but the one we don’t deserve

Austin Richards, Opinion Editor

February 24

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

Batman is back after universal praise for his role in The Lego Movie with an installment of his own, The Lego Batman Movie. A touching story about true hate that can move even the toughest of people, and a bromance that will enchant audi...

Teachers and social media

Danielle Stevens, Reporter

February 10

Filed under News, Top Stories

Social media is not a new concept. According to Statista, 1.96 billion people have social media. A very local social media issue happened down in East Moline, Illinois at United Township high school. A teacher named Mark Kaczm...

2017 Cutest Couple Contest

February 10

Filed under Top Stories

Tweet your Cutest Couple picture to @whs_beakneye for a chance to win $50 to a restaurant of your choosing. Staff will requote your picture and the picture with the most likes come Feb. 14 @ 3:15 wins!

Get to know GALA court

Emma Bernick, Editor

January 27

Filed under Features, Top Stories

Cole Flack If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be? “Music Education would still be my major” What is something you have always wanted to do, but have never done? “Scuba diving” If you had one day left ...

Wonderful Weekly West News- Winter break edition

Billie Jo Sherman, Tech Editor

December 20

Filed under News, Top Stories, Video

Wonderful Weekly West News- Winter break edition

Dear parents of Honors students

Alyssa Rodriguez, Editor

December 14

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

Dear parents,      I understand you only want what’s best for me. You tell me to brush my teeth every night, grab a jacket because it’s cold outside, and clean my room. You also never fail to tell me to balance school, w...

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